What goes into mobile app design cost?
Information Analysis
Market research
Consumer research
Concept validation
Estimated time: roughly from 20 to 40 hours.
Deliverables: use cases, realistic behavioral scenarios, and user stories.
Tools we use: users personas, A/B test results, investigative user studies and interviews, brains
User experience
(UX) design
Usability testing
Stakeholder interviews
Estimated time: roughly 40 to 80 hours.
Deliverables: wireframes of app screens, user flow diagrams, interavtive prototypes.
Tools we use: Sketch, Invision, Principle or Flinot, Pixate.
Visual design
The look and feel of the product



Estimated time: roughly from 80 to 300 and more hours.
Deliverables: final product design including app logo, icons and screenshots for app stores.
Tools we use: Sketch, Affinity Designer/Photo, InVision, Principle or Flinto, Pixate, Origami or Form, After Effects or Apple Motion.
How much does app design cost by project complexity?
Simple app
100 – 150 hours
$5,000 at $50 hourly rate
  • One platform*
  • Standard UI components
  • Examples: an on-demand
  • delivery app like UBER
Middling complexity app
200 – 250 hours
$10,000 at $50 hourly rate
  • additional screens
  • complex interactions
  • * different content types
  • Examples: a messaging app
  • like whatsapp
Complex app
From 400 hours
$20,000 at $50 hourly rate
  • Two and more platforms
  • A variety of features
  • Examples: a shopping app
  • like wish
What else does the cost of an app design depend on?
  • Design quality
  • Design approaches
  • Specialists
  • Process
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