• Only interested in SEO and Marketing? We have the perfect plan for you. If you already have a website, and you would like to have us manage the website, and your social media, then sign up for our Premium Services
  • Social Media and Online Marketing Management

1. Pay for 6 months and get 25% off of monthly rate!!

  • 1:- Customized marketing plan
  • 2:- No Contract, Cancel at any time

2. Google and Bing optimization

  • 1:- Search Engine Optimization (What’s this?)
  • 2:- We bring your company to the top! you search your business, and we bring your site to the first page

3. Social Media Management: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

  • 1:- We create your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page and we manage the posts.
1 blog post per Month-

DC will develop a keyword strategy that will target all of the search phrases you want to rank for. DC will then build out an calendar that will systematically target your keyword. We will also offer informative, engaging and interesting content to your readers.

Online Directory Listings-

DC will make sure that you are listed on dozens of online directories to make sure home owners can find you everywhere.

Monitoring of Twitter for related keywords, then pushing links/tweets to those talking about relevant topics.

If potential customers are tweeting about topics that relate to your business, DC will get an alert and we will inform them all about your company.

Getting relevant Twitterers to follow you–

DC will find several hundreds of followers a week, targeting users by location, number of followers, number of updates, bio keywords and tweet keywords.

Daily Twitter updates–

DC will focus on interacting with thought leaders, journalists, existing and potential customers, etc.)

Managing the Facebook page–

Updates per day will vary depending on plan, with a focus on sharing content from thought leaders and complimentary, non-competing businesses.

Facebook ads–

Facebook ad campaign management

Google+ and LinkedIn management
One press release per quarter–

We’ll help you make news to make the news.

Contest creation/management

as needed. We’re big fans of contests, because they can draw all kinds of people to the site who would’ve never found it otherwise.